Photoblitz Reflection

Photoblitzing was fun!  However, it was much more difficult than I expected.  I can only imagine the frustrations that photographers go through daily, having to deal with different lightings and difficult subjects.  I decided to complete my Photoblitz in my living room and kitchen.  I had decided to use these places in my house because I thought they would have the most amount of objects that I could work with.  However, I would find that it was not the subjects that made the photos, but the technique.

I was also hoping that the natural light from the afternoon would help with my photos.  However, it was a very gloomy day and some of the photos were difficult to attempt.  I had many ideas of what I wanted to do, but many of them did not turn out the way I visualized.  I was very interested in finding a strange shadow in my kitchen, but the lighting wouldn’t allow for the photo to come through.  I also had some difficult subjects, my dogs.  Taking the picture where the subject is still but the camera was moving was the most difficult.  It took me almost five minutes to move my camera in a way that you were still able to see the subject.

The photos that I thought turned out the best were ones I wasn’t expecting.  The photo of my pond through the window turned out great.  I was playing around with angles in my kitchen and couldn’t get anything that struck my interest.  But once I saw the fish were out, I knew I had to snap a photo.  I found that using different angles would help my other photos too.  I also really liked the photo of the chair in the bright light.  While I wasn’t thinking about what was being portrayed in the photo (other than the bright light), I was pleasantly surprised.  I took the photo sitting on the ground, in an attempt to capture the lightbulb but found that the green chair looked really nice as well.  I was also able to see my living room (the red room) from a new perspective.  Maybe I’ll stand in corners more often to see what else I’m missing.


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