Reflection on Visual Literacy & Dorothea Lange

Images and literacy never seemed like two words that would go together to me.  However, after watching the video, I can definitely understand how pictures can sometimes mean more than words.  The images around us help us to define other images and ideas throughout our lives.  I can see how this can affect children with different Socioeconomic Statuses.  Perhaps our outlooks on life are created by our level of visual literacy.  This video showed how a picture really can be worth a thousand words.

Dorothea Lange’s story on capturing the Migrant Mother showed me that one photo can change millions of perspectives.  While the mother in the photo had become such a phenomenon, she was one of many who wore similar expressions–only hers was cemented in a photograph.  Dorothea took the photographs in terrible conditions, but it only enhanced the image she captured.  Had Dorothea just written down what she had seen that day, it would not have had the same impact as a visual aid that others could empathize with.  Dorothea’s experience shows that, if inspiration strikes, pick up a camera!

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