Havana and the Atlantic

Alejandro de la Fuente describes in this piece how Cuba and the city of Havana transformed from a poor colony, into an important resource for the Spanish Empire.  He also describes how the Bay of Havana allowed for many different influences.  De la Fuente opens with Sores’ attack on Havana, to give an example of how helpless the city was to outside invaders.  However, it wasn’t until the Spanish empire realized the city’s port was great for communication and trade that it began to give more resources to the island so that Cuba could repair its population and economy.  De la Fuente cites how the port city was able to influence not just the Cuban society and economy at large.  De la Fuente gives examples of sources where the common citizens of Havana were impacted by this change in Cuba’s geographic importance.  He gives examples such as church, land, and marriage documents.  

I found this article very interesting since I am only knowledgeable of Cuba during the nineteenth century.  It is very eye-opening to see how the Cuban economy changed first in response to its location, not necessarily it’s role in sugar production.

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